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Workout at home

image: © Sergejs Rahunoks / Fotolia

image: © Sergejs Rahunoks / Fotolia

Workout at home

We are living in a fast moving world and therefore we compromise our health with many other things. As a result you may achieve some wealth or better position in your life but you will not be able to enjoy those benefits with a weak body.

What will we do? We need both wealth and health. Finding time for exercises is essential in our day to day life. In this situation rather than going to the gym and waiting for a long time for our turn, you can try some simple but intense exercises at your home.

Fitness Plan:

– Start with simple warm ups and then do some stretching exercises.

– Do bridge exercises and cobra and super cobra, cat stretch to strengthen your back muscles.

– The first few weeks should be a preparatory time for your body to manage the stresses caused by the coming intense exercises.

– After you get the flexibility and strength to carry out intense exercises you can prepare the next set of plan.

– Squats, lunges, push ups, pull ups, dips, step ups, planks and sprinting are the most effective exercises you can do at home.

– Use stairs instead of elevators.

– The first day you can concentrate with lower body parts and take a rest on the next day.

– Workout for the upper body after the resting day.

– But for beginners, total body workouts are recommended rather than splitting the workouts.You can do workouts for upper and lower at the same day and take one or two days of rest.

– Follow this routine with proper nutrition and sound sleep.

Working out at home with the proper exercise plan will do wonders to your fitness problems and will make you fit. Don’t hesitate to start the routine. Start the preparation right now and improve your fitness level.