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Why stretching your body is so important?!

Why stretching your body is so important

Stretching your body is the major part of any physical exercise. Sometime its neglected by many people and don’t emphasize on this part.

Before start any hard exercise you must do some stretching exercise to make your body perfect for take exercise and away from injuries or accidents.

These kinds of stretching exercise increase your flexibility on muscles and joint that will increase the chance to do workout perfectly. As a result your body can do any kind of hard exercise by stretching high level of moving.

image: ©Vladimir Sazonov / Fotolia

image: ©Vladimir Sazonov / Fotolia

After any physical exercise stretching will help to cool down your body and your body can extend more than you did before taking this workout.

Any stretching exercises help to increase mass of your muscles because that allow to blood circulation all over the body.

There are lots of stretching exercise that will help to improve muscles and body stress.

Before do any kind of exercise please contract with your physician to make sure your body is ready to take that workout program.

Spinal twists, abdominal stretches, forward bends, quadriceps stretches, neck rolls, hurdlers stretches exercise is really good for your body.

Many benefits you will get from stretching exercise like the following:

  1. It will help to increase your energy levels.
  2. Help to increase flexibility of your body.
  3. It will release from any pain.
  4. It will help your joint to move on better range.
  5. It will help to release relaxation and stresses.
  6. Proper blood circulation.
  7. Improve mass of muscles.
  8. Enhance better posture.

It is advisable to get static stretching exercise to make your body cool down after workout. You body will be fully warm, so you need stretching exercise to make it calm down. Even you can take little stretching exercise before and after your workout like, arm cross chest, single leg hamstring etc.

Stretching exercise can be done regular basis. At least try to do some basis stretching exercise if you don’t have much more time. If you take stretching exercise 6 to 8 weeks then you will see some positive result.

If you have back pain then this kind of exercise will give you really excellent result. Just you have to maintain it as regular basis. 1st day you should not try to stretching your body fully, you must slowly increase the level of your stretching exercise.

One of the most easy and effective exercise is hamstring stretching exercise that you can done at home. This kind of exercise help you to get you leg flexibility and will help to move your body without getting any injury. It should be better to take this kind of exercise 10 min and should repeat with each leg.

Shoulder stretching exercise is also another way to do at home. Head rotate also help to increase the flexibility by rolling your head right side and also to left side.

But making sure that everything’s you is doing by taking proper training on it. Without knowing any exercise correct way will be very harmful for your body.