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Which are bad fats, why we should eliminate them

image: © Gennadiy Poznyakov / Fotolia

image: © Gennadiy Poznyakov / Fotolia

Which are bad fats, why we should eliminate them

In our daily life, we are eating lots of foods which contain fats. But it is true that most of us do not conscious about the fats.

Is all those foods are really free from bad fats or not. What happen if we got a sudden heart attack or stroke for those bad fats?

In this circumstances, to raise awareness here we will focus on bad fats, which we must avoid if expect long healthy and happy life.

Bad fats are classified into two groups such as, saturated and Trans.

– Saturated fats are the most dangerous for human body. The majority of this fat is found in animal’s meat and the dairy products. If we eat a lots of saturated fats then this fats can affect our whole body and mind. Taking excessive saturated fats may increase the risk of heart attacks and stroke. When your body stored lots of saturated fats you don’t able to decrease your weight at all. Mental health can also affected by bad fats.

Red meat consists high in saturated fats. So we should avoid red meat from diet plan. Butter, cheese and cow’s milk also contain saturated fats. These foods are only good for those people who are skinny. Otherwise if you’ve over weight or high blood pressures then give up these kinds of food.

What’s the problem about these foods? The major problem about these foods is that human body cannot digest them correctly. So it is easy to realize that incorrect digest can lead our body sick. As a result hypertension and high blood pressure increase automatically.

– Another bad fat is labeled as Trans fats. Most of the man attempt to take away Trans fats. The reason is, this fats is not well for our body as well as dangerous too. This fat is produced while oils tend to be hydrogenated. The Trans fats are typically recognized as trans-fatty acids. It is also known as hydrogenated fat.

What’s the problem occur by this fats? These fats will increase bad cholesterol and decrease good cholesterol. Now we ought to aware about those foods which contain these kinds of fats. By knowing these you may protect yourself by avoid those foods. Most of the processed foods consist of Trans fats. The well known Trans fats foods are fish sticks, French fries, fried chicken etc. Almost any fried foods will certainly include of Trans fats as they are deep-fried throughout hydrogenated fat.

Nearly all margarines contain this fat. Pastries and doughnuts are also these categories. Cookies and chips are the most significant carriers of these bad fats. No one will tell you when you buy the food products that if those foods contain the Trans fats or not. What to do in this situation? You better look at the pack of those foods. Because there must be written the ingredient list. Seek for the word ‘hydrogenated’. If the list consist too many ingredient name then you may find the name hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated. By this way you can avoid those Trans fats foods.