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Weight-Loss Pills – Myths and Facts

Diet pills – safe enough to be trusted?

With a large number of different types of slimming programs and diet pills in the market, consumers often get tempted into trying them out so as to lose weight. However, you must bear in mind that many products in the market make extremely misleading claims and long term usage of weight loss pills can also be potentially dangerous.

In this article, we will bust some of the common myths regarding weight loss pills.

image: © alexthq13 / Fotolia

image: © alexthq13 / Fotolia

Common myths surrounding weight loss pills busted

  • Myth: Pills offer rapid loss of weight

This is probably the most common of myths surrounding diet pills. Most pills that are available over the counter will promise the quick loss of weight with regular usage. However, the fact is that this is nothing more than a marketing gimmick. Any diet pill which promises super quick results should not be trusted as it is most probably a false claim.

The fact is that diet pills can help you lose small amounts of weight through frequent excretion of body fluids, but they do not help in getting rid of excess fat.

  • Myth: With pills , you need not exercise or maintain a diet

There are various types of diet pills, which have different effects on the body. While some help in turning dietary fat into waste, others cause you to urinate more frequently.

The fact is that in order that pills work to the best of their effect, you must complement them with regular exercise and must maintain a healthy diet. By doing so, you will reap maximum benefits and will definitely lose those extra pounds, albeit over time.

  • Myth: Diet pills burn fat from specific body parts

Many companies claim that pills can help reduce fat from specific body parts such as the thighs or the belly. The fact is that medically, this is just not possible.

When you use medications, you will lose fat from all parts of the body and not just a specific body part. In order to tone a particular part of the body, regular exercise coupled with a healthy diet is the right way to go.

  • Myth: Free trials are an excellent way to start off

Many people, who are unsure of trying diet pills, are often lured into doing so with free trial schemes. It must be remembered that companies offering free trials should never be trusted.

Reputed medical companies do not generally offer free trials. If you still decide on a free trial scheme, make sure that you read the fine print carefully and also consider if there is a refund or money back guarantee offered.

  • Myth: OTC diet pills are safe from side effects

Most diet pills are not regulated by medical agencies and many clinical studies have proven that diet pills do cause certain side effects, such as headaches, dizziness, dehydration and anxiety.

If you do try diet pills and experience any unpleasantness, it is best to stop the medication immediately and to consult your physician before continuing. As with most other forms of medication, diet pills are not completely free from side effects.

Now that you have an idea of the myths and facts surrounding weight loss pills, make sure that you are not tempted into trying them out without thinking. It is best to always consult your physician before trying out any OTC medication.