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The Weight Loss Trap and 7 Tips to Lose Weight in a Healthy Way

image: © Chabraszewski / Fotolia

image: © Chabraszewski / Fotolia

The Weight Loss Trap and 7 Tips to Lose Weight in a Healthy Way

Our biggest enemy in weight loss as we all know is our own brain.  We enthusiastically take up the latest diet and are disappointed if we don’t lose weight or even worse, when we lose weight only to put it back on.

Weight Loss and the Media

Women are particularly susceptible to concerns about weight loss as they are exposed to media images of ultra-thin women and social expectations in general. Sadly, many of the images that are presented to us in fashion and advertising are young women who are anorexic and, or amenorrheic. Not the best role models. It’s also harder for women to lose weight than men, especially if you are menopausal or suffering from a thyroid condition. Still, though it may not be easy, it is possible!

What’s IN a Diet?

When women decide to go on a diet, they tend to think about all the foods they now shouldn’t eat. Consequently, they already have a negative mindset about the diet and that’s one big step towards failure. Negative thinking makes us miserable, too, so we tend to eat more.

Instead, think about all the great foods you can add into your meal plans or foods. Tackle your food range creatively and you will see that there are plenty of nice ‘extras’ possible.

7 Tips

– Don’t choose a diet that is too extreme – choose something that you can stick to and that works for you and your family. If you’re all eating the same meal, you’re more likely to stick to the diet. The Mediterranean diet is one that works for all ages. Just be sure to increase fibre intake gradually if you or anyone in your family is not used to it.

– Don’t ignore the mind-set! Work out what you triggers for overeating or eating fatty or sweet foods. For many women it is the time of the month or stress or depression. It’s important to to work out a plan for managing them. – because that they will sabotage your efforts to lose weight. Weight loss support groups will often help with this, either face to face or virtual groups. Reward the successes and move on from the slip-ups.

– If you eat a lot in one meal –eg dinner, then include a good sized serving of lean protein protein in that meal. That’ll increase your levels of the ‘fullness hormone’, Leptin, which tells you you’ve eaten enough.

– Eat slowly. When you eat slowly, you give you brain the chance to realize in time that Leptin has been released. If you eat quickly, you’ll probably have over- eaten before the message gets through. Try using small bowls, small spoons and forks.

– High-fibre diets are good for you and help keep you fuller for longer. Find ways to add extra fibre to your favourite foods by adding a handful of lentils or beans to salads and stews, for example.

– Consider having a Vegan day or two – if you cut out fat laden meat and dairy, you’ll be contributing to your weight loss and to your overall health (and wealth).

– Organize your snacks – make sure you ALWAYS have suitable snacks with you so you’re not tempted by whatever’s around. Try carrying high-fibre biscuits, dried and fresh fruit with you for emergencies.