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The Pillars of Pilates: How it helps to lose weight

image: © Amelia-Fox / Fotolia

image: © Amelia-Fox / Fotolia

The Pillars of Pilates: How it helps to lose weight

Are you looking for a very gratifying way to focus all that energy into losing weight, toning your muscles and improving flexibility all at the same time? Do you often find yourself short of breath after climbing a flight of stairs at work?

Then, look no further, because today, we’ll tell you about the craze that is Pilates!


Pilates’ methodology primarily focuses on you finding your “center”. Many instructors refer to this center as the “powerhouse”: composed of all the muscles in the central part of the body, encompassing the lower and upper back, abdomen, inner thighs, hips and buttocks. One of the teachings states that the totality of movement in Pilates should be coming from the so-called powerhouse and flow outward a person’s limbs.

So how does this powerhouse helps? It’s like this: imagine pumping up your center with so much energy it overflows. The main goal of Pilates is to make it second nature to a person to move with grace and ease, all the while saving more energy that is crucial for other tasks.


Any Pilates enthusiast will attest that “Contrology” was Joseph Pilates’ (he’s the developer of this technique) preferred name for his methodology, and let me tell you, it indeed lives up to its name. The techniques employed in Pilates are such that you get to learn how to control your own body and not be in the mercy of it.

But how are you going to be in control if you do not concentrate well enough? The techniques employed in Pilates focuses more on how the exercises are made, more than the exercises themselves.


Pilates aims to promote economy and elegance of movement and you can only achieve this once you employ its teachings. Pilates states that you can gain more strength by using a few concentrated movements than by using lots of sluggish ones.

Remember: The main purpose of pilates is to be able to acquire strong flowing movements from an energized core.


Pilates is also about learning how to breathe properly. He believed that proper breathing is invigorating and cleansing, and that the contact between oxygenated blood and the muscles are instrumental for further empowering your core.

In short, it provides a form of the whole body cleansing from within, that will eventually show as you go along.


It is simple. The incorporation of these 6 strong pillars will result to you being more in control of your own body. You will no longer feel exhausted at the end of a work day. You will be able to move with grace and elegance while maintaining a more natural and healthy state of your body.

The outward flow of energy from your powerhouse down to your limbs will make you feel like you can accomplish more and at the same time, still have the stamina for other things in life.