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Don’t fall prey to these common myths about female fitness

image: © Andres Rodriguez  / Fotolia

image: © Andres Rodriguez / Fotolia

Female fitness is certainly surrounded by a large number of myths, which prove to be quite misleading. In this post, we will take a look at some of the most common of these myths and we will reveal the actual truths behind them.

Common female fitness myths debunked

Here are five of the most common myths that you will hear about female fitness:

By lifting weights, you will build bulk 

This is one of the most common myths around female fitness. Even if women and men follow the same procedures for muscle training and lift weights, women do not build bulk in the same manner as men do.

By working out, you will be strengthening your muscles. Being a woman, you do not possess the same testosterone levels as a male does. Consequently, even with years of weight training, it is… Continue reading

Get fit with 15 min workout daily

image: ©Gina Sanders / Fotolia

image: ©Gina Sanders / Fotolia

Get fit with 15 min workout daily

Everybody knows that healthy body helps to increase efficiency on work because healthy body maintains their mind fresh.

One of the essential parts of life is maintain fitness level. Now a day’s many companies focus on employees fitness by provide lots of fitness programs at office.

They noticed that when employees maintain their health and mind at the required level then there is significantly increase product or improving business according to target. So it is clear that everybody now trying to get healthy life.

We have not much time to do work out for a long time a day. But if we do at least 15 min work out a day’s properly then it could be more benefit than doing long time work out.

One of the best workout programs is cycling that is more effective and enjoyable… Continue reading

Women should not forget to work out her hands

image: © michael spring / Fotolia

image: © michael spring / Fotolia

Women should not forget to work out her hands

Workout for your hand with little dumbbells typically varies from one to five pounds which are using for various hands workout programs.

For their little weight, hand dumbbells are far better at tightening as well as weight reduction as compared to in constructing substantial muscle mass development.

Moreover, because free weights, they can be employed nearly anywhere, such as outside sprinting trails, any office or perhaps in the lounge as you’re watching television.

Enhance strengthen of your respective top forearms as well as back by utilizing these kind of routines.

  • Stand directly up, having one side arm weight on each side. Your arms must be in front of upper hip and legs with your hands experiencing your full body. Staying your hands totally prolonged, raise the arm weights up, forward till your hands stay similar… Continue reading

Best exercises for weight loss

image: © Dmitriy Raykin / Fotolia

image: © Dmitriy Raykin / Fotolia

Best exercises for weight loss

You all need best workouts that help to lose your weight within a short span of time. But never think that short span of time means one or two weeks.

That depends on the genetic factors and the intensity of your workout. If you perform these exercises with complete dedication, you will be able to achieve the best results. Let’s do these exercises for effective weight loss.

  • Cardiovascular exercises

Running, sprinting and other Cardio burn your fat from the body.

  • Squats

This is the best exercise that works your quadriceps, glutes, back and abs. If you follow this exercise properly you will burn your weight rapidly otherwise you will end up with an injury.therefore be prepared before starting squats and do it properly. Do at least 3 sets of 10-15 reps.

  • Lunges

Lunches mainly works for your core, back… Continue reading