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Weight loos mistakes

The Top 5 Myths about Weight Loss Exposed

image: © piotr-Marcinski / Fotolia

image: © piotr-Marcinski / Fotolia

The Top 5 Myths about Weight Loss Exposed

Myth 1: Fad diets are the best way to lose weight

 Fad diets promise miracles and rely on you seriously reducing what you eat and avoiding certain foods. They are very hard to do long term and you normally regain the weight. Long-term fast weight loss and very low calorie diets (less than 800 calories) can lead to health problems. So while a fad diet may start your weight loss and help motivate you, they are not the solution for permanent weight loss.

Instead: Choose a diet-for-life such as the Mediterranean Diet. You can serve it to all the family since it is tasty, healthy and balanced. If you are cooking one meal for everyone, you are more likely stick to the diet.

 Myth 2:  Physical exercise takes too much time.

If… Continue reading

Do You Know That Quitting Smoke an Essential Part of Losing Weight!

Quitting Smoke an Essential Part of Losing Weight

You have most likely heard that you might add weight if you quit smoking. That may have stopped you from trying to give up the habit in the past. While it is true that quitting smoking may cause you to experience weight fluctuations, it is not completely certain that you will gain weight.

In actual fact, kicking the habit of smoking might even lead to weight loss, due to the lifestyle changes which come with quitting smoking. This article will highlight why quitting smoking is an important step towards losing weight.

image: © JcJg-Photography / Fotolia

image: © JcJg-Photography / Fotolia

Sedentary Lifestyle

You may not realize it but smoking can cause you to pack on the pounds. This is because smoking is essentially a sedentary hobby. If you have a desk job and only leave your desk for a smoke break, then you will have little… Continue reading

Weight loos mistakes to avoid

image: © KR MEDIA Productions / Fotolia

image: © KR MEDIA Productions / Fotolia

Weight loss treatments and supplements are widely available. Using these proves to be beneficial for reducing several pounds per in a month.

But, never use weight loss plans, pills, supplements blindly. Do not follow workouts that you can’t continue.

To understand what major mistakes people make while losing weight read below.

1. First biggest mistake is to focus on just one activity. Either cut down your diet plans to very less food intake or just following a walk is not enough to get faster results of weight loss. Always consider both. Follow a diet plan along with exercise gives best results. It maintains health of the body.

2. Second mistake that is most common is to cut down your food too much that you start facing a problem of deprivation. No need to stop eating or skipping meals to reduce weight. Eat well… Continue reading