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Best exercises for weight loss

image: © Dmitriy Raykin / Fotolia

image: © Dmitriy Raykin / Fotolia

Best exercises for weight loss

You all need best workouts that help to lose your weight within a short span of time. But never think that short span of time means one or two weeks.

That depends on the genetic factors and the intensity of your workout. If you perform these exercises with complete dedication, you will be able to achieve the best results. Let’s do these exercises for effective weight loss.

  • Cardiovascular exercises

Running, sprinting and other Cardio burn your fat from the body.

  • Squats

This is the best exercise that works your quadriceps, glutes, back and abs. If you follow this exercise properly you will burn your weight rapidly otherwise you will end up with an injury.therefore be prepared before starting squats and do it properly. Do at least 3 sets of 10-15 reps.

  • Lunges

Lunches mainly works for your core, back… Continue reading

Lunges – the Queen of exercises for women

image: © charlesknoxphoto / Fotolia

Lunges target your lower body especially your butts, abs and legs. Lunges require proper techniques in order to protect your knees from injuries.

Proper technique:

– Stand on your feet and the weight should be in the middle of your feet.

– Your spine should be as straight as possible.

– Your arms should rest on your sides.

– Now step forward one of your legs.

– Now your one leg is in front of the other leg at a distance of two or three feet.

– Bend your knees and it should be lowered until it forms 90 degrees to the floor.

– Other knee also should be lowered it forms an inverted 90 degree.

– Now return to the starting position and switch your legs.

– Do at least 3 sets of 15-20 reps.

– Do not lean your body forward while you… Continue reading

Workout at home

image: © Sergejs Rahunoks / Fotolia

image: © Sergejs Rahunoks / Fotolia

Workout at home

We are living in a fast moving world and therefore we compromise our health with many other things. As a result you may achieve some wealth or better position in your life but you will not be able to enjoy those benefits with a weak body.

What will we do? We need both wealth and health. Finding time for exercises is essential in our day to day life. In this situation rather than going to the gym and waiting for a long time for our turn, you can try some simple but intense exercises at your home.

Fitness Plan:

– Start with simple warm ups and then do some stretching exercises.

– Do bridge exercises and cobra and super cobra, cat stretch to strengthen your back muscles.

– The first few weeks should be a preparatory time for your body to… Continue reading

It’s quite simple to build a better butt

image: © chagin /  Fotolia

image: © chagin / Fotolia

It’s quite simple to build a better butt

Your butts play a major role in making the figure look perfectly shaped and attractive. Some ladies suffer with flat butts and others with saggy butts.

A good butt has a curved shape and in a lifted position with tight muscles. Most of the ladies think it is not easy to shape their butts. Actually it’s quite simple.

The major benefit of doing butt exercise is that, it helps to get a flat stomach and toned legs. Let’s start doing these exercises and build a better butt.

  • Climbing the Stairs

This is one one of the simplest exercises but an effective way to get a curvy butt. It also burns fat from your belly and tone your legs.

  • Squats

This is considered to be the king of exercises. This targets your entire lower body section. It will… Continue reading

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