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improve posture

Some tips for perfect legs

image: © Andres Rodriguez / Fotolia

image: © Andres Rodriguez / Fotolia

Most of the ladies have a common misconception about the fitness training and their body structure. Every lady thinks that a perfect body means a perfect upper body.

They sometimes forget about the lower section, but when you join a fitness center, a good fitness expert may tell you to workout for the lower body especially in the back and legs first.

As you all know squats are the best exercise for your legs. A perfect leg means a perfect shape from your butts to your toes. Squats target these areas and this is considered as the king of the exercises that makes a cute princess or a queen in you.

You must maintain a good posture while doing this exercise. You must try squats with weights, jumping squats etc to add more resistance and for the best results in a short time. There… Continue reading

Work out with fitness ball

image: © Nadezda Postolit / Fotolia

Exercise balls or fitness balls are the essential equipment needed for women’s fitness. To improve your appearance and health have to work out your belly, butts, arms, back, shoulders, chest and hamstrings. Exercises with balls helps to target these areas without much strain.

We recommend following exercises with ball

  • Squats

Pressing slightly into the ball, stand straight with the ball in between your lower spine and the wall. With hands on hips and feet are shoulder widths apart, slowly move into a sitting position by bending the knees and hips. Do not loosen the contact with the ball and back. Return to standing position. Repeat this exercise 8-12 times.


  • Push ups

Try doing push-ups keeping the ball under your belly. That helps to maintain a good posture while doing push-ups. You can try a variety of push-ups using the ball. Try with palms… Continue reading