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Do I need water during my workout?

image: © Valua Vitaly /  Fotolia

image: © Valua Vitaly / Fotolia

Do I need water during my workout?

Most of the people are unaware about the fact that water is essential while working out. Hydrating your body is important even before and after the workouts. Dehydration can put you in danger.

You will lose water through the sweat and even through breath while working out. If you are dehydrated you will not be able to do the workouts effectively.

You will feel uncoordinated, dizzy, and lightheaded and it also leads to muscle cramps. The primary sign of dehydration is feeling thirsty. If you still continue the exercises without hydrating can lead to heat stroke.

More importantly you will be end up with getting admitted in a hospital. Now let’s think about the amount of water you should drink before, while training and after the workouts. It depends on body size, sweating rate, intensity of exercises,… Continue reading