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Climbing Stairs

Some tips for perfect legs

image: © Andres Rodriguez / Fotolia

image: © Andres Rodriguez / Fotolia

Most of the ladies have a common misconception about the fitness training and their body structure. Every lady thinks that a perfect body means a perfect upper body.

They sometimes forget about the lower section, but when you join a fitness center, a good fitness expert may tell you to workout for the lower body especially in the back and legs first.

As you all know squats are the best exercise for your legs. A perfect leg means a perfect shape from your butts to your toes. Squats target these areas and this is considered as the king of the exercises that makes a cute princess or a queen in you.

You must maintain a good posture while doing this exercise. You must try squats with weights, jumping squats etc to add more resistance and for the best results in a short time. There… Continue reading

It’s quite simple to build a better butt

image: © chagin /  Fotolia

image: © chagin / Fotolia

It’s quite simple to build a better butt

Your butts play a major role in making the figure look perfectly shaped and attractive. Some ladies suffer with flat butts and others with saggy butts.

A good butt has a curved shape and in a lifted position with tight muscles. Most of the ladies think it is not easy to shape their butts. Actually it’s quite simple.

The major benefit of doing butt exercise is that, it helps to get a flat stomach and toned legs. Let’s start doing these exercises and build a better butt.

  • Climbing the Stairs

This is one one of the simplest exercises but an effective way to get a curvy butt. It also burns fat from your belly and tone your legs.

  • Squats

This is considered to be the king of exercises. This targets your entire lower body section. It will… Continue reading