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build a better butt

Workout And Wait loss Tips For The ‘Bootylicious You’

image: © Andrey-Bandurenko / Fotolia

image: © Andrey-Bandurenko / Fotolia

Workout And Wait loss Tips For The ‘Bootylicious You’

Working out can be a pain in your ass but it surely does give you a good one. You can’t just sit on your butt to get the butt you want. Genetics, poor dietary habits and the sedentary lifestyle can take a toll on our entire body, most importantly, our lower body. Accumulation of fat and cellulite especially on our buttocks and thighs could be the most stubborn areas to be worked on. A targeted weight loss program is the key here.

Getting a toned and a firm derriere no longer needs a gym membership, personalized trainers or coaches. There are a lot of popular workouts designed to focus on your gluteus muscles but Triangle training has taken people by storm.

Triangle training, most popularly known as ‘Brazilian butt lift’ is a recent discovery in the… Continue reading

Lunges – the Queen of exercises for women

image: © charlesknoxphoto / Fotolia

Lunges target your lower body especially your butts, abs and legs. Lunges require proper techniques in order to protect your knees from injuries.

Proper technique:

– Stand on your feet and the weight should be in the middle of your feet.

– Your spine should be as straight as possible.

– Your arms should rest on your sides.

– Now step forward one of your legs.

– Now your one leg is in front of the other leg at a distance of two or three feet.

– Bend your knees and it should be lowered until it forms 90 degrees to the floor.

– Other knee also should be lowered it forms an inverted 90 degree.

– Now return to the starting position and switch your legs.

– Do at least 3 sets of 15-20 reps.

– Do not lean your body forward while you… Continue reading

How to do Squats properly

image:© Kalim / Fotolia

image:© Kalim / Fotolia

How to do Squats properly

Squats are called as the king of exercises because it is one of the most productive exercises that gives you results quickly. This is one of the hardest exercises to do.

Proper technique is essential to avoid the risk of injuries. Apart from shaping your entire body, it also burns fat from the body and boosts metabolism.

Let’s do squats:

– Before you start doing squats, warm-up with cardio exercises for 5-10 minutes

– In order to maintain a good posture while doing squats, you can use mirror to monitor it.

– To avoid the risk of injuries make sure to keep your knees to stay behind the toes.

– Take some deep breath and align your neck with the spine.

– Pull back your shoulders and head back, raise your chest and straighten your spine like a soldier. This is… Continue reading

It’s quite simple to build a better butt

image: © chagin /  Fotolia

image: © chagin / Fotolia

It’s quite simple to build a better butt

Your butts play a major role in making the figure look perfectly shaped and attractive. Some ladies suffer with flat butts and others with saggy butts.

A good butt has a curved shape and in a lifted position with tight muscles. Most of the ladies think it is not easy to shape their butts. Actually it’s quite simple.

The major benefit of doing butt exercise is that, it helps to get a flat stomach and toned legs. Let’s start doing these exercises and build a better butt.

  • Climbing the Stairs

This is one one of the simplest exercises but an effective way to get a curvy butt. It also burns fat from your belly and tone your legs.

  • Squats

This is considered to be the king of exercises. This targets your entire lower body section. It will… Continue reading