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Proper nutrition for cellulite prevention

image: © Dmitry Lobanov / Fotolia

image: © Dmitry Lobanov / Fotolia

Proper nutrition for cellulite prevention

Cellulite is a problem found in women near the pelvic region due to bulky bodies. It is the collection of fats under the skin that pushes the connective tissues.

It gives a lumpy look to the skin. Generally genetic problems and hormonal disturbance in the body cause this fat storage.

Other factors like age, diet and body functioning also affect the cellulite formation. To prevent cellulite formation on the skin there are certain nutrients and healthy tips.

Follow these tips to make your skin free from this problem:

Excess of water intake:

Drinking more water is assumed as a source for preventing cellulite formation in the body. Cellulite is a combination of water and fats and drinking more water avoids the storage of fats in the body. Nutrients believe that drinking more water gives a healthy lifestyle and a… Continue reading

Why stretching your body is so important?!

Why stretching your body is so important

Stretching your body is the major part of any physical exercise. Sometime its neglected by many people and don’t emphasize on this part.

Before start any hard exercise you must do some stretching exercise to make your body perfect for take exercise and away from injuries or accidents.

These kinds of stretching exercise increase your flexibility on muscles and joint that will increase the chance to do workout perfectly. As a result your body can do any kind of hard exercise by stretching high level of moving.

image: ©Vladimir Sazonov / Fotolia

image: ©Vladimir Sazonov / Fotolia

After any physical exercise stretching will help to cool down your body and your body can extend more than you did before taking this workout.

Any stretching exercises help to increase mass of your muscles because that allow to blood circulation all over the body.

There are lots of stretching exercise… Continue reading