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binge eating

Do you know how to prevent overeating

image: ©Gennadiy Poznyakov / Fotolia

Overeating is a bad habit; everyone should try to stop this anyway. Now-a-days more and more people are addicted by this habit.

At present world we affected by so many disease. From all those diseases a significant number of diseases reason is to take excessive amount of foods.

By taking excessive amount of foods regularly you may determine that how fast you gain weight and how difficult to loss them.

Over weight is one of the major problems at present time. Overeating also cause high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.

Here we will discuss about the reason of overeating and how to overcome this habit. Overeating is also known as binge eating. Before we give any tips that how to prevent binge eating, we like to talk about this.

Binge eating is a one kind of eating disorder. Many people are not aware about… Continue reading