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Don’t fall prey to these common myths about female fitness

image: © Andres Rodriguez  / Fotolia

image: © Andres Rodriguez / Fotolia

Female fitness is certainly surrounded by a large number of myths, which prove to be quite misleading. In this post, we will take a look at some of the most common of these myths and we will reveal the actual truths behind them.

Common female fitness myths debunked

Here are five of the most common myths that you will hear about female fitness:

By lifting weights, you will build bulk 

This is one of the most common myths around female fitness. Even if women and men follow the same procedures for muscle training and lift weights, women do not build bulk in the same manner as men do.

By working out, you will be strengthening your muscles. Being a woman, you do not possess the same testosterone levels as a male does. Consequently, even with years of weight training, it is… Continue reading

Two simple methods that will help you to get 6 pack abs

image:©VasiliyKoval / Fotolia

image:©VasiliyKoval / Fotolia

Two simple methods that will help you to get 6 pack abs

However the most important feature involving looking to get 6 pack abs can be a proper fat loss diet, you’ll want to have to put out your abdominal muscles to make all of them robust, potential, along with aesthetically striking.

A typical false impression concerning abdominal work out is actually which it requires unlimited pieces along with reps involving body mass crunches, sit ups, along with foot boosts.

Just the opposite, the actual stomach along with oblique’s need identical heavy stimulus as distinct muscular tissues to build.

Hereafter, on the list of most basic ways to gain 6 pack abs is actually to work with weight load and various additional level of resistance.

Abs need to be essentially the most misinterpreted however most desired to enhance muscles in our bodies.

Methods for get 6 pack… Continue reading

Lunges – the Queen of exercises for women

image: © charlesknoxphoto / Fotolia

Lunges target your lower body especially your butts, abs and legs. Lunges require proper techniques in order to protect your knees from injuries.

Proper technique:

– Stand on your feet and the weight should be in the middle of your feet.

– Your spine should be as straight as possible.

– Your arms should rest on your sides.

– Now step forward one of your legs.

– Now your one leg is in front of the other leg at a distance of two or three feet.

– Bend your knees and it should be lowered until it forms 90 degrees to the floor.

– Other knee also should be lowered it forms an inverted 90 degree.

– Now return to the starting position and switch your legs.

– Do at least 3 sets of 15-20 reps.

– Do not lean your body forward while you… Continue reading

Crunches are not effective for fast flat belly result

image: © Whitebox Media / Fotolia

image: © Whitebox Media / Fotolia

Crunches are not effective for fast flat belly result

Many people chose crunches do get rid of belly fat. They all think that it helps to burn fat in upper belly.

The fact is that you have to perform 250,000 abdominal crunches to burn one pound fat. Crunches should be avoided from your exercise routine or you can perform as the last exercise if you really want a flat belly.

We are all living in a fast world and everyone needs rapid results. If you need a flatter belly in short time, then you have to realize the fact that crunches are purely a time waster.

You all do with the intention of making your ABS stronger but the reality is you are damaging your belly muscles.

Crunches work for the muscles that are not working in the daily life, and also it causes… Continue reading