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Some tips for perfect legs

image: © Andres Rodriguez / Fotolia

image: © Andres Rodriguez / Fotolia

Most of the ladies have a common misconception about the fitness training and their body structure. Every lady thinks that a perfect body means a perfect upper body.

They sometimes forget about the lower section, but when you join a fitness center, a good fitness expert may tell you to workout for the lower body especially in the back and legs first.

As you all know squats are the best exercise for your legs. A perfect leg means a perfect shape from your butts to your toes. Squats target these areas and this is considered as the king of the exercises that makes a cute princess or a queen in you.

You must maintain a good posture while doing this exercise. You must try squats with weights, jumping squats etc to add more resistance and for the best results in a short time. There are many other exercises that help you to get a toned leg.

– Lunges target your calves, butts, back etc. You can try forward, backward and side lunches for better results. Do not forget to increase resistance as you progress to the next level.

– Leg raises also shape your thighs. Helps to burn excess fat in your thighs. This can be performed while lying or in a standing form.

– Bridges can do wonders for your entire lower body. Never forget to add bridges to your fitness routine.

– Simple stretching also build perfect legs. Leg extensions work good for your legs.

– Avoid elevators and start climbing the stairs. This is a good exercise for the legs.

– Use a strong chair to do step ups. Step up the chair with your one leg first and come back to the starting position next try with the other leg and do as many repeats as you can.

You have to take special care for your legs if you want to have an attractive and strong body structure. You will not look good if you do not have a good lower body especially your legs. So workout for the legs to get noticed among your friends.