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Protein diet plan

image: © Kletr / Fotolia

image: © Kletr / Fotolia

Protein diet plan

Many women avoid protein diet from their usual diet plan because they are afraid of bulky muscles like men. This is a general misconception in women about the proteins. Men and women have different hormone levels, actually the male hormone testosterone is helping them to get bulky muscles. Therefore no need of fear in women about the protein diet plan.

Protein rich foods:

– Dairy products

They are very rich in proteins. You can include yogurt,cottage cheese, cheese and milk.

– Dried fruits and nuts contain proteins and fibers that are needed for the weight loss.

– Lean meat is also rich in quality proteins. Avoid red meats.

– Include a lot of vegetables of fruits in your diet plan.

– Do not take only protein rich foods. You need other proteins too. Protein diet plan should be a part of your regular diet plan.

Diet Plan:

– Breakfast: Consume two slices of whole grain bread with ore two egg whites. You can also include some low fat diary products like yogurt, cheese or milk.

– Lunch: Boiled chicken pieces with brown rice, vegetable salad, sandwiches or green pieces with brown rice or also try beans that are very rich in proteins. Drink a milk shake.

– Dinner: Include grilled or boiled fish like salmon. One piece of whole grain bread with a soup of vegetable or chicken or lean meat. Drink a milk shake.

– Snacks: Snacks should be taken in the intervals, That is between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and dinner. Include peanuts, fresh fruits, whole grain cookies, pasta, celery etc.

Proteins are an essential nutrient that is essential for the development and growth of the body. It helps build muscle and that means you are losing excess fats from your body. More muscles mean that you have got a toned body. Don’t misunderstand with the term building muscles. Building muscles don’t mean that it is bulking up, therefore a good protein diet plan should be followed to lead a healthy life.