Prevent stretch marks – see how

Tips for preventing stretch mark

Significant number of people would like to know that is there any method which can prevent stretch marks.

The first point is that what are stretch marks? This mark is one kind of scars which may appear on any part of the body. When human’s skin is stretched to its limit you may notice the stretch marks show up on the top of the skin.

There are numerous reasons that be a factor in identifying whether someone could possibly get stretch marks or perhaps not..

Genetics cause is one of the major factors to get those marks. Some other major reasons that lead someone to get those stretch is, weight gain, hormonal changes, quick growth, pregnancy etc.

image: ©Lev Dolgatsjov / Fotolia

image: ©Lev Dolgatsjov / Fotolia

The truth is that there is no perfect way to disappear stretch marks entirely from your body. This means that they can be along with you once they’ve established. Laser treatment or lotion for stretch marks can reduce the visibility of stretch marks but unable to remove completely from skin.

There are lots of stretch marks cure products available in market but all those can make your scars less visible and less noticeable.

!Prevention is better than treatment. Prevention is the best method to stay free from those embarrassing scars. We need to mention here that not all the time prevention technique can assure you that you may stay free from to get stretch marks on your skin.

Because if anyone of your family members had those stretch marks then the chances are quite big that you will also get stretch marks. We mentioned before that genetics problem is the major reason for stretch marks.

On the other hand, we’ve go through other people’s experiences how they have properly eliminated stretch marks, although they have experienced with those stretch marks before.

In this circumstance, we ought to learn that how to prevent stretch marks before we get. Amazingly, one of the most effective things to do preventing stretch marks is simply by altering your diet plan.

Many people say that the skin is significantly affected by one’s eating habit. In case you retain consuming fresh fruits and veggies, your skin are going to be glorious, clean as well as glowing.

If you want to follow diet plan then you should eat balanced foods. Consuming balanced foods can protect your skin from those stretch marks. Why we are talking about consuming balanced foods anyway? Because we know that our skin needs some certain vitamins to getting and looking healthier.  From those certain types, vitamin C, E, A and zinc is the most important for skin. Keep in mind that zinc can protect your skin from sun ray.

To get those vitamin from random eating or some skin lotion are little difficult. You should arrange a list of those foods that contain those specific vitamins such as C, E & A. You must eat those certain foods to get these vitamins directly. To help those people who are looking for those specific foods name which contain those vitamins we include a short list here.

Foods that contain Vitamin E:

  1. Avocado
  2. Peanut butter
  3. Almond
  4. Corn
  5. Canola
  6. Polyunsaturated oil
  7. Polyunsaturated seed
  8. Tomato puree etc.


Foods that contain Vitamin C:

  1. Orange
  2. Papaya
  3. Strawberry
  4. Guava
  5. Cantaloupe
  6. Broccoli
  7. Lemon
  8. Chili peppers


Foods that contain Vitamin A:

  1. Carrot
  2. Pumpkin
  3. Mango
  4. Tuna
  5. Sweet potato
  6. Apricot
  7. Cantaloupe
  8. Green leafy vegetables

Foods that contain Zinc:

  1. Legume
  2. Banana
  3. Raisin