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You love eating late night snacks, don’t you? See Top Weight Loss Tips to Avoid This!

The Truth about Midnight Carbs and Top Weight Loss Tips to Avoid This

One of the greatest problems that ruin most individual’s weight loss goals is midnight carbs or late night eating. Most individuals are completely fine following their weight loss diet plan for the most part of the day. You usually can control what you eat provided it is daylight. During this period, you are typically busy performing daily activities such as caring for your household or taking care of other responsibilities.

The problem comes during sundown when you are typically at home with only television to keep you company. Regardless of the cause, late night eating usually results in overeating, and this can lead to serious health hazards.

image: © Deyan Georgiev / Fotolia

image: © Deyan Georgiev / Fotolia

Consequences of Late Night Eating

  1. Can Lead to Weight Gain

If you are not able to control your food cravings and give in to… Continue reading

Do You Know That Quitting Smoke an Essential Part of Losing Weight!

Quitting Smoke an Essential Part of Losing Weight

You have most likely heard that you might add weight if you quit smoking. That may have stopped you from trying to give up the habit in the past. While it is true that quitting smoking may cause you to experience weight fluctuations, it is not completely certain that you will gain weight.

In actual fact, kicking the habit of smoking might even lead to weight loss, due to the lifestyle changes which come with quitting smoking. This article will highlight why quitting smoking is an important step towards losing weight.

image: © JcJg-Photography / Fotolia

image: © JcJg-Photography / Fotolia

Sedentary Lifestyle

You may not realize it but smoking can cause you to pack on the pounds. This is because smoking is essentially a sedentary hobby. If you have a desk job and only leave your desk for a smoke break, then you will have little… Continue reading

Weight Loss Post pregnancy – 7 Simple tips

image: © omkanokwan / Fotolia

image: © omkanokwan / Fotolia

Getting back in shape post pregnancy

Most moms gain a lot of extra weight during pregnancy and are keen to shed off those pounds after childbirth. If you are one of them, we’ve compiled a list of some really simple tips to help you get started off.

7 simple tips for weight loss post pregnancy

Here are 7 really simple tips which can facilitate weight loss post pregnancy:

  • Make sure to breastfeed your newborn

Numerous studies have demonstrated that breastfeeding has positive effects both for the mother as well as for the newborn. Breastfeeding is known to burn off excess fat and calories gained during pregnancy.

  • Don’t go on a diet – eat healthy instead

This may sound counter intuitive, but the fact is that diets should be avoided post pregnancy. After childbirth, a mother is generally stressed out and hormonal levels in the… Continue reading

Lose Weight Without Spending Money On Gym

image: © ruigsantos / Fotolia

image: © ruigsantos / Fotolia

Lose Weight Without Spending Money On Gym

The thought of working your socks off, while someone looks on from a corner, observing you and keeping tabs might not be appealing. The same goes for forking out a certain amount for a run in at the gym.

If you are one of those who are looking to lose weight, and do so all by yourself and also keeping your money in your pocket, then there might be hope for you yet. You can actually lose weight without going to the gym and when you want to sweat it out, you can do so without anyone prying.

– Do pushups: this, more or less is the same as pushing weight; only in this case, you would be pushing your own body weight. Pushing one’s body weight isn’t an easy task, especially if you are new to it.… Continue reading