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Female Fitness Tricky Tips

Fitness tips for beginners

image: © Sylvie Bouchard / Fotolia

image: © Sylvie Bouchard / Fotolia

Fitness tips for beginners

Are you  a complete newbie in the fitness world? Most of you may be confused or possess some inhibitions to start the fitness routines. Actually this is quite simple. As a beginner you don’t need to go to a fitness center or spend hundreds of dollars to stay fit. You can easily stay within your comfort zones.

Before you start doing exercises you should consult a doctor and make sure that you are perfectly okay to start with a new routine. You can do total body workout thrice a week or you can split into one day for the lower section and the other day for the upper.

Exercises for beginners:

  • You should warm up your body with some cardio and stretch your body to prevent injuries.
  • Try with wall push ups and ankle pop ups on first week… Continue reading

Avoid common workout mistakes

image: © Ariwasabi / Fotolia

Common workout mistakes

The most important things you have to keep in mind before starting work out is understanding the workouts clearly and staying away from the mistakes.

Mistakes during workouts can lead you to serious injuries. You can start workouts for a healthy body in a healthy way after finding out the common mistakes that are made by most of the people.

  • Training without warm ups and stretching.

Warm up your body to manage the stress placed on your body as a result of intense exercises. After doing warm ups, you have to do stretching exercises to prepare your muscles for hard exercises and to avoid injuries.

  • Using light weights for several weeks.

You should increase the resistance once your body is comfortable with the current resistance. Otherwise that will not help your muscles to progress to the next level.

How to do a lat pulldown effectively

image: © iceteastock / Fotolia

image: © iceteastock / Fotolia

How to do a lat pull down

The lat pull down exercises are mainly for the backside. It also works for the arms and shoulders. A cable pulley with weights that are adjustable and a seat, is the equipment set up for the lat pull down.

This exercise targets both sides of your middle to upper back. That’s why this exercise got the name Lat Pull Down.

Perfect way to a lat pull down:

– Sit comfortably on the seat and position your knee pad to fit your knees perfectly under the pads on the machine. This is for preventing from the rising up of knees while you exert some pressure to pull down the bar.

– With your palms facing away from you, grasp the cable slightly with a wide grip.

– Adjust the bar in such a way that you should be able… Continue reading

How to do Squats properly

image:© Kalim / Fotolia

image:© Kalim / Fotolia

How to do Squats properly

Squats are called as the king of exercises because it is one of the most productive exercises that gives you results quickly. This is one of the hardest exercises to do.

Proper technique is essential to avoid the risk of injuries. Apart from shaping your entire body, it also burns fat from the body and boosts metabolism.

Let’s do squats:

– Before you start doing squats, warm-up with cardio exercises for 5-10 minutes

– In order to maintain a good posture while doing squats, you can use mirror to monitor it.

– To avoid the risk of injuries make sure to keep your knees to stay behind the toes.

– Take some deep breath and align your neck with the spine.

– Pull back your shoulders and head back, raise your chest and straighten your spine like a soldier. This is… Continue reading