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Lunges – the Queen of exercises for women

image: © charlesknoxphoto / Fotolia

Lunges target your lower body especially your butts, abs and legs. Lunges require proper techniques in order to protect your knees from injuries.

Proper technique:

– Stand on your feet and the weight should be in the middle of your feet.

– Your spine should be as straight as possible.

– Your arms should rest on your sides.

– Now step forward one of your legs.

– Now your one leg is in front of the other leg at a distance of two or three feet.

– Bend your knees and it should be lowered until it forms 90 degrees to the floor.

– Other knee also should be lowered it forms an inverted 90 degree.

– Now return to the starting position and switch your legs.

– Do at least 3 sets of 15-20 reps.

– Do not lean your body forward while you do lunches.

– Your spine should be straight

– Do not put too much stress on your knees

– You can challenge yourself while doing lunges. You can do side lunches too. If you want to add more resistance and yield better results, use dumbbells in your hand while you lunge. You can also try dynamic lunges. That is walk while doing lunges. Alternating the legs while walking. This is an effective way to add the resistance.

– You should always warm up before you start lunges.You can do some ankle pops and some other stretching exercises.

– Stay hydrated while you do lunges that will make you to do more lunges.

– Never do lunges in an empty stomach.

– Give enough time for the recovery of muscles.

– Recommend you to do on alternate days.

Lunges are considered as Queen of exercises for women. It gives you a great workout for the entire lower body. Take special care to follow the right technique to perform without injuries. Lunge your body to pop out your curves in the body by burning fat.