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It’s quite simple to build a better butt

image: © chagin /  Fotolia

image: © chagin / Fotolia

It’s quite simple to build a better butt

Your butts play a major role in making the figure look perfectly shaped and attractive. Some ladies suffer with flat butts and others with saggy butts.

A good butt has a curved shape and in a lifted position with tight muscles. Most of the ladies think it is not easy to shape their butts. Actually it’s quite simple.

The major benefit of doing butt exercise is that, it helps to get a flat stomach and toned legs. Let’s start doing these exercises and build a better butt.

  • Climbing the Stairs

This is one one of the simplest exercises but an effective way to get a curvy butt. It also burns fat from your belly and tone your legs.

  • Squats

This is considered to be the king of exercises. This targets your entire lower body section. It will give you a curved,rounded and lifted buttocks. It is also a good way to get a flat belly. You can add some weights to increase the resistance to maximize the results. You can also try jumping squats.

  • Lunges

This is also a compound exercise which targets more than one muscle group. While this helps you get a better butt, it also tone your thighs and belly. You can try forward,back and sideways lunges. Dynamic lunges are enjoyable. Dynamic lunges mean walking by doing lunges.

  • Single Leg lifting

Like other exercises it targets butts, legs and belly. Stand straight with a dumbbell in your right hand. Lift your left legs in such a way that your spine and head should be aligned and parallel to the ground. Alternate the legs and do at least 10-12 repetitions.

  • Nutrition

You should include a lot of low fat and protein rich food in your diet. Avoid processed and fast foods from your diet.

A good butt will give you a physically healthy look and that will improve your overall appearance and helps to get noticed among your dear ones. Don’t worry if you got a flat one or saggy butt. You can reshape your butts by doing these simple exercises and making it a part of your lifestyle.