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It Feels Great To Be Gluten Free

image: @ Lg / Fotolia

image: @ Lg / Fotolia

It Feels Great To Be Gluten Free

Gluten is a protein that is found in grains like barley, wheat and rye. It leads to the inflammation of the small intestines for persons having the celiac disease. 

Initially when one goes gluten-free, it could be a major adjustment. The main thing to keep in the mind is essentially that, this is the beginning of your feeling wonderful once again.

In case sometimes one feels its rough being gluten-free, just recall how much rougher things were when gluten made you sick.

 Occasionally we focus on what we cannot be able to eat when we go on a gluten-free diet. It would be better to think of all the foods we can eat like grilled steak, chicken fingers, hot dogs, fish sticks,

fries, pizza, delicious vegetables and all those juicy fruits. Yes, we may have to modify some of these foods or make them with some different and special extra ingredients, but they remain tasty and delicious.

If you love sports like mountain biking, trail running or skiing, gluten makes you sick such that you are limited to do all these wonderful things.  Being gluten-free assists you do all those great and wonderful things.

Did you recognize the fact that there are millions of people who need to be like you, gluten-free? They can be found at your place of work, school, college, church, and club or even online. You are in good company. Join them and share great stories and experiences.

Being gluten-free is really cool. Some of the remarkable people you see on movies, TV, on key sports teams, are actually gluten-free, imagine, just like you. These people are not shy to let the world know about it and are indeed proud of it.

Most significantly, being gluten free is great because it makes you healthy. Stay with it!