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How to do Squats properly

image:© Kalim / Fotolia

image:© Kalim / Fotolia

How to do Squats properly

Squats are called as the king of exercises because it is one of the most productive exercises that gives you results quickly. This is one of the hardest exercises to do.

Proper technique is essential to avoid the risk of injuries. Apart from shaping your entire body, it also burns fat from the body and boosts metabolism.

Let’s do squats:

– Before you start doing squats, warm-up with cardio exercises for 5-10 minutes

– In order to maintain a good posture while doing squats, you can use mirror to monitor it.

– To avoid the risk of injuries make sure to keep your knees to stay behind the toes.

– Take some deep breath and align your neck with the spine.

– Pull back your shoulders and head back, raise your chest and straighten your spine like a soldier. This is the proper starting posture of the squat.

– Stand comfortably with your feet at a distance slightly more than the shoulders. Hips and knees should be aligned.

– Now pull in your belly.

– Lower the body slowly, like you are going to sit in a chair.

– Stop lowering when your thighs are parallel to the surface.

– Hold that position for a few seconds.

– Now keep your weight on the heels and slowly come back to the starting position.

– You can repeat 10-15 times for each set of 3.

– After completing each set,stretch your leg muscles.

– You can start the next set after taking  a rest of 10-15 seconds.

– Do not do these exercises on consecutive days.

– Take a rest on alternate days. Recommended to do 3 days a week.

Squats target your lower body section which works well for your spine, butts, belly and legs. Real world activities will become easier to do and also helps to increase flexibility, mobility and maintains body balance. So enjoy squatting for a better life.