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How to do a lat pulldown effectively

image: © iceteastock / Fotolia

image: © iceteastock / Fotolia

How to do a lat pull down

The lat pull down exercises are mainly for the backside. It also works for the arms and shoulders. A cable pulley with weights that are adjustable and a seat, is the equipment set up for the lat pull down.

This exercise targets both sides of your middle to upper back. That’s why this exercise got the name Lat Pull Down.

Perfect way to a lat pull down:

– Sit comfortably on the seat and position your knee pad to fit your knees perfectly under the pads on the machine. This is for preventing from the rising up of knees while you exert some pressure to pull down the bar.

– With your palms facing away from you, grasp the cable slightly with a wide grip.

– Adjust the bar in such a way that you should be able to reach the cable bar while  stretching your hands up.

– Pull down the bar to your chin level. Make sure to keep your back straight. The pose should be, your both arms and shoulder should form a topless rectangle. Top portion will be filled by the cable bar.

– Hold that position for some time and slowly return to the starting position, completely stretching your arms up.

– Repeat the exercise.

– You can increase the weights as you progress to the next level by increasing your strength and endurance.

– Never swing your torso while doing this exercise.

– Always keep your spine straight. This is very important while doing lat pull down.

– Take special care while releasing the cable bar. Never release it in a sudden. Do it slowly.

The major benefits of the lat pull down is, it is an alternate exercise for pull ups and chin ups. Some people lack the required strength to do those exercises. So you can try lat pull down to look better as like doing pull ups and chin ups.

This exercise will improve your posture by increasing the strength of the spine will stabilize your torso while standing and sitting.