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Home Workout Tips That Would Give You Ripped Belly

image: © kwikit / Fotolia

image: © kwikit / Fotolia

Home Workout Tips That Would Give You Ripped Belly

The gym is not necessarily the only place you can work on yourself and get that killer shape and body, you can also workout at home, by yourself and achieve the same good results.

All you need is having a good knowledge of what you are supposed to do, follow the instructions and nobody would know you didn’t get your fit and trim body in the gym.

This article is to show you that you can achieve those flat and ripped belly at home, all by yourself.


– Skipping/Jumping ropes: this is both the ideal warm up program as well as a very effective fat burner itself. With just 20 minutes with your jumping ropes, you can burn off the calories from a candy bar. That’s got to be something right? Well get yourself a jumping rope today and get started. Jumping ropes puts stress on the ankle, hips and knee, so there are certain precautions you need to take before starting

You will need an athlete’s training shoe that fits properly, which also has good bouncy sole to reduce the impact of the jumps on your ankles and knee.

The surface on which you would be jumping is an important factor too. The best surface to jump is on a wooden surface as it reduces jumping impacts. With good athlete shoes and a good floor, you are good to go. And oh, remember you would need space above your head.

– Crunches:  a very effective way of flattening your stomach and getting that solid and rock hard abs. There are variations of Crunch, all equally effective but each targeting a specific side of the stomach muscles. Get in the crunching position and let someone throw a ball at you, as you raise your upper body to catch the ball, make sure your abs are contracted for maximum effect. Increase your repetition as the weeks go by.

– Sit-up: an abdominal training that builds and strengthens the muscles of the abdomen. A bit similar to crunches, but targets different sets of muscles and on a different range of motion. Doing a great number of sit-ups would leave your belly flat and totally ripped. You can’t help but feel your belly tighten up each time you want to do a simple chore in the house. Feels beautiful doesn’t it?

– Kick Boxing:  this is an effective exercise that hits abdominal muscles. As you kick and punch on the punching bag, the muscles on your belly contract. With intensive punching and high kicks, your abs is sure to get the pressure.

– Plank: this too is an effective workout program for strengthening the stomach muscles and developing them even further. Planks could be very challenging for beginners. An endurance exercise that gets you shaking on your hands and elbows the first time, but when mastered, it is just a sweet challenge. There are varieties of the plank exercise, all targeting same goal but through different methods.