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Get fit with 15 min workout daily

image: ©Gina Sanders / Fotolia

image: ©Gina Sanders / Fotolia

Get fit with 15 min workout daily

Everybody knows that healthy body helps to increase efficiency on work because healthy body maintains their mind fresh.

One of the essential parts of life is maintain fitness level. Now a day’s many companies focus on employees fitness by provide lots of fitness programs at office.

They noticed that when employees maintain their health and mind at the required level then there is significantly increase product or improving business according to target. So it is clear that everybody now trying to get healthy life.

We have not much time to do work out for a long time a day. But if we do at least 15 min work out a day’s properly then it could be more benefit than doing long time work out.

One of the best workout programs is cycling that is more effective and enjoyable exercise for any individual. If you have problem on your heart disease, obesity, diabetes or high blood pressure then cycling is the very effective method to reduce those risks easily. If has also increase the healthy and mind fresh life.

When cyclists taking breathe more there is more chance to reach optimum result but they should not try to do it overload. This kind of exercise increase good level of cholesterol and decrease triglycerides on blood. So cardiovascular health will be increase.

As a result, any kinds of heart blockage and stroke risk are reduced, it also help to reduce risk of some cancer like colon cancer. It very good news that cycling can burn up calories, like 300 calories that calorie was taken within 1 hour from alcoholic drink or from a chocolate bar.

There is a proven result that you can burns off 11 pound fat by only taking 15min workout a day and five days a week by cycling workout that reduce to health risk. If you want to burn more calories, you should take faster exercise like cycling, walking.

Although choosing cycling workout is personal things but it’s more effective for our body to burn extra fat to reduce health risk. There are most people not like to do cycling more than 5 miles. Another important thing is that choose the right bike that is more comfortable for your body shape and can do what you are expecting from it.

For old people they should use knee and elbow guards to eliminate the risk of getting serious injury. They should also use helmet that is mandatory. Only buy helmet from specialty store not from hardware shop. You should select better and high quality helmet, you can also buy from online shop to reduce cost.

So think make a schedule for your daily workout time by doing at least 15min a day and 5 days a week. You will be surprised to see the result after doing this kind of work out program daily basis. You should practice this as daily basis and should encourage your family member to join with you.

And as a result you will get healthy, sound mind and happy life.