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Do You Know That Quitting Smoke an Essential Part of Losing Weight!

Quitting Smoke an Essential Part of Losing Weight

You have most likely heard that you might add weight if you quit smoking. That may have stopped you from trying to give up the habit in the past. While it is true that quitting smoking may cause you to experience weight fluctuations, it is not completely certain that you will gain weight.

In actual fact, kicking the habit of smoking might even lead to weight loss, due to the lifestyle changes which come with quitting smoking. This article will highlight why quitting smoking is an important step towards losing weight.

image: © JcJg-Photography / Fotolia

image: © JcJg-Photography / Fotolia

Sedentary Lifestyle

You may not realize it but smoking can cause you to pack on the pounds. This is because smoking is essentially a sedentary hobby. If you have a desk job and only leave your desk for a smoke break, then you will have little or no time for physical exercise while at work. If you use your break time to go for a quick walk rather than smoking, you can burn a reasonable amount of calories and also revitalize your mind.


Smoking Impedes Your Ability to Exercise

The idea that stopping smoking can help you slim down may appear contradictory to common sense expectation, until you recognize that cigarette smoking impedes your capability to exercise.

Recent research which looked at whether cigarette smoking may affect the quantity of exercise, endurance, fitness and physical performance levels among soldiers, found that men who smoked exercised less compared to those who do not smoke. The study also showed that men who smoked had a lower level of muscular, respiratory and cardiovascular endurance compared to men who do not smoke.

Quitting Smoking can help you get rid of excess stomach fat

Aside from being unsightly, excess belly fat can endanger your health in several ways. This is due to the fact that belly fat surrounds your abdominal organs such as your intestines and liver, and soaks them in biologically active substances like fatty acids and hormones.

While genetics and diet can predispose you to belly fat, studies have shown that cigarette smoking can increase your chances of storing fat within your stomach. What this means is that if you quit smoking, the fat stored within your belly might reduce as your body starts to deposit fat in areas that are less noticeable.

Tips to stop smoking and lose weight

* Your everyday diet should include lots of vegetables, fruits, dairy products, proteins and whole grains. A balanced diet will help prevent hunger pangs. You should also exclude sugar from your diet.

* Smokers and obese people have one thing in common – the “hand to mouth” habit. You can replace your smoking habit with more healthful habits such as writing articles or taking brisk walks.

* You can boost your metabolism through exercise. Apart from helping you burn calories, exercising regularly can help distract you from eating and smoking as well as make you feel good about yourself.

* Smoking decreases your sense of taste. Thus when you quit, you should consider drinking and eating foods that will stimulate your taste buds and decrease your desire to smoke. You can drink fresh vegetable juices or iced lemon tea, or suck mints, or chew sugarless gum.

It is important that you maintain your resolve to stop smoking and get rid of those excess pounds. This will not only improve your health, but it will also help you live longer.