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Do Not Eliminate All Fats from Your Diet

image: © emilyskeels / Fotolia

image: © emilyskeels / Fotolia

Do Not Eliminate All Fats from Your Diet

Majority of the people at these days quite aware about their weight lose diet plan. They think twice before eat something. What is the reason of their worry?

We all know that those people think about fat! Fat is the most common and primary thing that they try to eliminate from their meal plan.

The reason of the fat elimination is easy to guess, if you wish to lose unwanted fat from your body then stay away from fat.

They think this way they will win! But the truth is their technique is wrong. Do not avoid all the fat from your menu. There are a smaller amount of people understand that eliminating all fat from diet plan can make lots of harmful side effects.

Fats are not unusual but necessary and essential for our body. For the misunderstanding we categorize this as a bad thing. But we ought to learn about the fat facts before starting our diet plan. You better not to discuss with some random people who have not sufficient knowledge about fat.

If possible discuss with your family doctor to learn about which fat may help you to live a happy and healthy life. Anyway, fat is very important for human’s cell production. Not only for cell production but it also enables human body by working as vital fuel. By working this way fat can provide us energy to maintain us undergoing all the busy day.

Since the development of the food research, scientists make the decision that there are two types of fat exist in this world. They simply categorize them as a good fat and a bad fat.

The most common and general fact is, eating excessive fat can cause various kinds of dangerous disease such as heart disease, high blood pressure, over weight etc. This is the dark and negative side of the fat. But is this all about fats? The answer is simply NO.

Not all fats cause life threatening disease. By little learning you also make decisions that which fat you should eat. To ensure you that by reading rest of the article you get the knowledge that which fat is helpful and which is not.

The first thing you need to know, the types of fats. There are two primary fats, which we mentioned before. One is good fats and another is bad fats. In medical science, good fats are known as unsaturated fats and bad fats are known as saturated fats and Trans fats.

There are also two sub categories of unsaturated fats, such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Which food contains unsaturated fats? These fats generally found in vegetables, seeds, fruits and nuts. The bad fats means saturated and Trans fats are discovered in meat, refined oils, processed foods and dairy products.

To avoid the risk of various diseases, bad fats such as Trans and saturated fats should be reduced and substituted by good fats that mean unsaturated fats. But the important fact is foods that familiar as saturated fats often contain high percentage of other nutrients!

So you should not totally cut off saturated fats from your diet plan. One of the saturated foods is red meat which contains magnesium, iron and other necessary nutrients. You better remove fats from red meat before cooking, because iron, magnesium and other nutrients are quite necessary for your health. So you ought to include fats to your healthy diet plan.