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Crunches are not effective for fast flat belly result

image: © Whitebox Media / Fotolia

image: © Whitebox Media / Fotolia

Crunches are not effective for fast flat belly result

Many people chose crunches do get rid of belly fat. They all think that it helps to burn fat in upper belly.

The fact is that you have to perform 250,000 abdominal crunches to burn one pound fat. Crunches should be avoided from your exercise routine or you can perform as the last exercise if you really want a flat belly.

We are all living in a fast world and everyone needs rapid results. If you need a flatter belly in short time, then you have to realize the fact that crunches are purely a time waster.

You all do with the intention of making your ABS stronger but the reality is you are damaging your belly muscles.

Crunches work for the muscles that are not working in the daily life, and also it causes disc problems with some ladies. Another serious demerit about crunches are it is not at all metabolic booster.

A good metabolic rate is essential to get a flat belly. Another reason why it is not recommended in workout plan is that, you will lose the energy to do other exercises.

While you are doing crunches, you will feel that you have got a great workout, but in real your energy, time and efficiency to perform other exercises is wasted without achieving any results.

As a result of this, other parts of your body will be neglected and you will never know that your body will lose its flexibility and will become unhealthy. Now you can choose this exercise as an optional one and concentrate on total body workouts to get a flat belly.

Crunches are purely an ABS specific exercise but its result is very poor because doing exercises for a specified part will not help you to burn the fat. If you want to get a flat belly, your overall body depends on it.

Let’s do total body workouts for better results. Of course you can do crunches if you are so keen to do but make it as the last exercises on your flat belly plan.