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Chubby cheeks, double chin, weight loss is the key to win!

image: © ubbotina-Anna / Fotolia

image: © ubbotina-Anna / Fotolia

Chubby cheeks, double chin, weight loss is the key to win!

Chubby cheeks are cute in nursery rhymes and nursery days only. They may look quite adorable in kids but in adults, it can be quite depressing and unattractive. Facial attractiveness can have serious social consequences. A rotund face and sagging chin can hinder bringing out your best facial features.

The reasons for facial fat could be diverse. It could be due to obesity, genetics, bad eating habits, water retention or stress. A focused approach and an explicit weight loss plan are the key to attaining a chiseled jaw line and firm cheeks. We will look at a few simple and natural methods to shed your facial fat and look healthier, younger and alluring.

Drink plenty of water to get rid of the facial fat due to bloating. When the body does not get sufficient water, it tends to retain water particularly the face to keep itself hydrated all the time. Hence, drinking a lot of water will help in eliminating toxins and excess water retained in your face making it look toned.

– Increase the intake of low-calorie foods in your diet. Avoid foods high in sugar content, carbohydrates and fats. Eat foods that are high in fiber, lean protein and wholesome such as lean meat, whole grains, green vegetables, fruits and low-fat dairy products which will assist in weight loss for your entire body including your facial flab.

– Reduce the intake of salty foods and condensing the use of salt in your cooking to avoid water retention and thus bloating.

– It is important to get proper sleep, at least 8 hours of sleep daily to keep your body refreshed and stress-free. Reduction in stress levels can boost your metabolism, which will definitely aid in trimming your puffy face.

– Smiling can be an effective way to make your facial muscles work without costing you much of your time and effort.

– You can make your facial muscles firm and tighten your chin simply by chewing gum. Make sure to choose a sugar-free gum to keep the calories in check.

– Comprehend some simple facial exercises like Pout your lips with a lot of force to feel the strain on the muscles of your cheek and chin to make them firm.

– Make a fish face by sucking in your cheeks and holding the position for around 10 seconds, repeating it a few times. This will stretch and tone your facial muscles.

– Lift your chin by looking up at the ceiling and try to kiss the ceiling putting a strain on your chin muscles to tighten them.

– Clench your teeth while smiling wide, make funny facial expressions, tilt your head back and touch your tongue to the roof of the mouth, pop your lower lip out as much as to create a strain on the chin are some exercises to get that chiseled jawline.

With these useful and simple facial weight loss tips, get ready to show off your well defined cheekbones and sculpted jaw line. Let the people see the new you, selfie please!