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Leg press kills your belly fat

image: © Andres Rodriguez / Fotolia

image: © Andres Rodriguez / Fotolia

Leg press kills your belly fat

Leg presses are considered as one of the best exercises targets the lower body and helps to get a flat belly. Major muscles worked during these exercises are butts, hips and legs. Then you will get confused, how it kills belly fat?

The working out those primary muscles is highly important to get a flat belly. Secondary muscles involved in the leg presses are abdominal muscles.

Many people treat leg presses as a leg exercise. But the fact is that, while working in the lower body, an increased burning process is taking place in your belly.

Most of the women are worried about the lower belly fat. Leg presses burns fat in your lower belly and helps the belly looks attractive. Maintaining proper form is essential to take the best of its advantage. Start the routine with less… Continue reading

Work out with fitness ball


image: © Nadezda Postolit / Fotolia

Exercise balls or fitness balls are the essential equipment needed for women’s fitness. To improve your appearance and health have to work out your belly, butts, arms, back, shoulders, chest and hamstrings. Exercises with balls helps to target these areas without much strain.

We recommend following exercises with ball

  • Squats

Pressing slightly into the ball, stand straight with the ball in between your lower spine and the wall. With hands on hips and feet are shoulder widths apart, slowly move into a sitting position by bending the knees and hips. Do not loosen the contact with the ball and back. Return to standing position. Repeat this exercise 8-12 times.


  • Push ups

Try doing push-ups keeping the ball under your belly. That helps to maintain a good posture while doing push-ups. You can try a variety of push-ups using the ball. Try with palms… Continue reading

Intense exercises and its benefits

image: © Andres Rodriguez  / Fotolia

image: © Andres Rodriguez / Fotolia

If you want to lose your weight, or to get a flat belly or йуст to stay fit, you have to do intense workouts. Low intensity will not help you to achieve your aims within a short span of time. Try only high intensity workouts if you need results faster. You can try the following exercises to lead your way to fitness.

  • Push-up:

Push up is one of the best exercises that works your entire body and it is considered to be as the great exercise for the belly. Performing push ups are simple. Lie on the floor with palms pointing outwards, then keeping the butts, shoulders and knees aligned slowly raise your body, then come down. Repeat this cycle. In the beginning try with 5-10 push each set of 3. Take a rest on alternate days.

There are various types of push-ups. They… Continue reading