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Be prepared before you start a fitness program

image: © Kurhan / Fotolia

image: © Kurhan / Fotolia

The best way to improve your health is to start a fitness program. Most of the ladies are misunderstood with fitness programs. Most of the women start the fitness program with some people’s advice or they take their own decision.

Whatever the case may be, they will just go and join a fitness center. Most of the ladies give up within a few weeks or a month.The main reason for this is just the lack of proper preparation before starting the fitness.

Let’s discuss about the steps you have to take before paying in a gym.

  • Medical assessment

This is the first step you have to take and this is important for all ladies. You can consult a doctor and make sure that you will not affect adversely as a result of the new routines.

  • Self assessment

You must know your strength. Take a walk or run for a small distance or do some push ups. Analyze how strong you are and how much stress you will able to manage. This will help prevent you  from taking too many weights that are not manageable for you in the gym.

  • Set your goals

While setting goals, you must make sure that you are setting small tasks first.You will get the confidence while reaching those goals and will help you to achieve more.

  • Be positive
  • Never give up
  • Do not take advice from your friends. Take advice only from trained fitness experts and also do not obey everything they ask you to do, because they may not able to analyze your current level of your body. You must have an idea about it.
  • Planning a routine

This is the most important one. Prepare a routine that can be finished by yourself. Do not expect too much and so not start working out with intense exercise.

  • Be consistent.
  • Follow a clean diet.

Starting a fitness program helps to improve your lifestyles and fitness level, but lack of planning and knowledge about fitness training may affect you adversely. Let’s prepare well before going to a fitness center to stay healthy and attractive.