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Work out with fitness ball

image: © Nadezda Postolit / Fotolia

Exercise balls or fitness balls are the essential equipment needed for women’s fitness. To improve your appearance and health have to work out your belly, butts, arms, back, shoulders, chest and hamstrings. Exercises with balls helps to target these areas without much strain.

We recommend following exercises with ball

  • Squats

Pressing slightly into the ball, stand straight with the ball in between your lower spine and the wall. With hands on hips and feet are shoulder widths apart, slowly move into a sitting position by bending the knees and hips. Do not loosen the contact with the ball and back. Return to standing position. Repeat this exercise 8-12 times.


  • Push ups

Try doing push-ups keeping the ball under your belly. That helps to maintain a good posture while doing push-ups. You can try a variety of push-ups using the ball. Try with palms on the floor and your toes on the ball and vice versa. You can also try one handed push-ups to improve your strength, endurance and that helps to get a flat belly as well as a toned body. Repeat 8-12 times. Always try to challenge your muscles by increasing the variety and intensity to the push-ups.


  • Belly Tucks

With the ball under your knees and palms on the floor, like you start up with a push up position. Try to tuck your knees towards your chest as the ball rolls toward your ankles. Return to the starting position. Repeat 8-12 times.


  • Hamstring Curls

Start with a position, such that you lie on your back with the ball under your heels and palms on the floor. Without moving your hips, slowly lift your hips and bend the knees to slide the ball to your butts.


  • Sit-Up

Lie on your lower back on the exercise ball and place your hands behind your head. Raise your upper part from the ball and lower it back down after a few seconds. Breathe out while raising your body, and breathe in while returning to starting position.


  • Bridging

With your hands on the hips, sit on the fitness ball. Slowly slide down the ball till it support your shoulders and head and not of your butts. Form structure like a table top with your shoulders, hips and knees aligned. Feet should be directly under the knees. Repeat 8-12 times.

Key Points:

  • Always buy quality exercise ball
  • To reduce the risk of injury exercise on a padded surface
  • Fill the balls as per the instructions given in the manual.
  • Do not use the old balls or if it has any burns, wear and tear.

The Fitness balls provide a complete solution for your muscles and support the lower back and posterior muscles during workouts. Exercise with balls can be made more challenging and fun by changing positions or by performing difficult exercises that helps to reshape your body a lot quicker. Fitness ball exercises are one of the best exercises that help women to gain better coordination and body balance, improve posture, stronger and flat cores and a finely tuned body.