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5 Essential Elements For weight loss

image: © laurent-hamels / Fotolia

image: © laurent-hamels / Fotolia

5 Essential Elements For weight loss

  1. Realism

– Before you start on the latest diet, consider your lifestyle. Many women work hard, get tired and also feed others. You will have a better chance of maintaining your health and achieving sustainable weight loss if you aren’t constantly hungry and tired on your diet.

– It will also support your success if the others are eating the same as you and you only cook one meal option. When you’re tired or pressed for time, it’s too easy to cook just for the others.

– So improve everyone’s overall eating by following a diet such as the Mediterranean diet. It’s easy to follow and easy to bulk up the plates of bigger appetites with healthy food.

  1. The Right Size

– Did you ever for a moment believe size didn’t count? Equip yourself with photos of the recommended portions of the food you want to eat. If you check out sites such as the British Heart Foundation amongst others, you will see that portion mismanagement is frankly shocking. Not only does it inhibit weight loss, but it can also have negative effects on overall health.

  1. Positive Thinking

– Focus on what you add to your diet rather than what you cut out. Never beat yourself up if you eat the ‘wrong’ foods. Just go right back to healthy eating.

– Reward your successes in whatever way works for you that isn’t going to pile the weight back on. Having said that, tiny (!) treats of a favourite food are allowed because if you feel deprived, positive thinking goes out of the window. Practice strict portion control and get rid of the temptation e.g, have 2 squares of chocolate and give the rest away.

– Think longer term. Many women find that as they get older, weight loss is not as rapid as it once was. Aim for a sustainable loss over a couple of weeks and don’t give up if you don’t see miracles in the beginning.

  1. A Re-empowered Body.

– Bodies are wonderfully adapted to maintain health and weight, but unfortunately, we often sabotage the mechanisms in place. Ready- made foods, whether from the supermarket or takeaways are often high in fat, salt and or sugar. When they are low in the one, the taste loss is countered by increasing one or both of the others, making them tasty and more-ish.

– They not only educate our taste buds to ‘want’ fattier, saltier or sweeter foods, but actually block the hormones that trigger the brain to send us the message that we’ve had enough.

– Using only home-prepared food that is low in fat, sugar and salt for a while allows your body to re-empower itself to help you choose healthier options. Try cutting down in a couple of stages, until your body has adjusted. For sustainable weight loss, make minimal use of ready-made foods and take-aways.

  1. More Activity

– Increasing your physical activity doesn’t have to mean going to the gym. On average, overweight and obese people spend an additional 2 hours seated per day so take the stairs, cycle to work, get off the bus one stop earlier!

– Wear a pedometer and build up your daily steps. Every 1,500 extra burns about 100 calories.